posted on Apr 19, 2017


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The perfect party customized to a very special child. The beautiful venue. The incredible decor. The exquisite food. The music that has everyone on their feet.

You know…the last one you went to that you’re trying to figure out how to top for your own child?

It seems simple enough, right? To plan a big party for your child to celebrate his or her maturity in life and religion. After all, you’ve been thinking of this event for many years and you’re ready to get planning!

As exciting of a time that this is, it also can be filled with anxiety to exceed your child’s wildest expectations and to WOW everyone with the party of the year. I know. I’ve seen it!

That’s why I have 3 questions for you to consider if you’re starting to plan or are even in the midst of it all for your child’s bar or bat mitzvah:

Photography by Sterling Photography International

3. How am I going to make this party dressed to impress?

THEMES, COLORS, FOOD, MUSIC – the party elements of a great event that you hope come together perfectly! And especially for a bar or bat mitzvah, they have to be unique! Customized solely to your child and family.

So, how do you conceptualize the right theme and then plan out the details that will awe your son or daughter and your guests?

That’s where an event planner can help. An event planner can take your ideas (even if there are too many or not enough), and turn them into a party that flows perfectly, weaving little details with big moments that make everyone say, “Wow!”

And the best thing about event planners?  After years of planning bar and bat mitzvahs (and knowing other planners who have as well), we’ve seen what’s been done, who did it, and how well it was received.

We can help ensure your party is unique not only to your son or daughter, but to Orlando as well!

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2. How am I going to make this party dressed to impress…within my budget?

In Orlando, your ideas can easily be brought to life. Which also means, it can be easy to exceed your budget. And quickly at that!

If you’re concerned with staying within your budget, an event planner may be just the person to help ease your concerns.

Event planners can help you with the following:

– determine what a reasonable budget is for the type of event you are envisioning

– research vendors and costs within your budget parameters

– tell you which “expenditures” will make the most impact

– provide ideas on where you can save and alternative ideas that can still be done

Even though an event planner will add to your budget, in the end, your party will be cohesive and inspiring (not to mention your sanity may be saved as well!).

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1.Wait, now what about me?

This is a big day for you. I mean your child. This is a big day for your child.

Ok, let’s be honest. There’s a lot on your shoulder’s for the special celebration, too. You’re doing everything you can to make this the most special day for your child, but now, think about yourself.  You’ll be front and center in pictures, out and about mingling with your guests, and maybe even showing off some moves on the dance floor.

So do you envision the day also including schlepping boxes into the venue? Setting out centerpieces, table details, and seating arrangements? How about greeting all of your vendors and answering their questions with your hair and makeup done but with your yoga outfit on (because they tend to show up at the exact time you are getting ready).

Consider what you want to be doing that day. Do you want to be talking to the caterer about the guest that wants vanilla ice cream instead of chocolate? Or, do you want to be taking in every moment of your son or daughter’s special moments?

An event planner can take away all the planning stress of the day for you so you can relax, enjoy, and make memories.

If you’d like to talk to an event planner about possibly helping you and your family plan the perfect, one-of-a-kind bar or bat mitzvah, contact me at  

Because this celebration can be the one that will need to be topped!