Thank Yous

Special thanks to those of you who helped with this website: Nu Visions in Photography for our team photos, Grand Bohemian Hotel Orlando for letting us use your space, Cliff Weir and Vanessa Pacheco for making us look fabulous. Anna Cakes for our cupcakes for our website launch blitz. Cathrina, our designer with many hats, who put on her web designer hat to make this site happen and Hughes IT Solutions for their SEO.

Thank you to all the photographers and videographers who continually take the time out to give us content (in no particular order):

A very special thank you to one of our former brides, Rowena Dionisio-Connelly, owner of Forty26 Creative who designed our new logo.

We also need to thank our marketing consultant, Kristy Chenell, who not only motivates us, but points us in the right direction.

Last but not least, a very special thank you to our head writer, Amy Thompson Decker. Without her this site would be mostly ramblings and bullet points!