Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where are you located?

    Our corporate offices are located in Orlando, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia. We also handle events in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Indiana. See our Wedding Agent for events worldwide.

  • Who are your clients?

    Our event clients are family members planning a party or reunion, corporations planning galas and events, newly engaged couples and their parents planning a wedding. If you have an event to plan, we can help!

  • What is an event planner?

    An event planner should be the person you can count on throughout your entire planning process. A talented and experienced planner will guide you through the entire event planning process, everything from budget to vendors. Once the entire event is planned, then we are there on the event day to ensure that everything runs smoothly. We often say that we are there to catch anything that is about to go wrong or that does go wrong before you even knew it happened.

  • Why should I have an event planner?

    So, you can relax and enjoy your event. We can guide your planning along the way and ensure that the actual day goes flawlessly. We help take the guess work out of your event planning. We put together a budget for you, refer you to the best vendors for your money and style and give you a planning guide. We can also save you money along the way. After all, time is money. We do all of the research and work, so that you can concentrate on your own career. As well, many of our vendors will offer you special event planner discounts.

  • Can I afford an event planner?

    How can you afford to have an event without an event planner? The time and money that we save you is just one of the reasons, but the peace of mind throughout the process along with the stress free attitude you will have on the day of is priceless!

  • Why do you need to know my budget?

    We work with all levels of budgets and knowing your budget will allow us to refer you to the best vendors in your budget range. We are respectful of budgets and will ensure that you come in under budget.

  • Do you take referral fees from the vendors that you refer?

    We don’t accept any referral fees from vendors. In fact, we pass along our discounts directly to you. Our fee is paid entirely by you and this allows us to truly refer you to the best vendors for you. Not just the vendors who will pay us the best fee for referring you.

  • What if I want to plan my event myself?

    Perhaps you’re really talented in the creative department and want to take on the entire planning and design process. Good for you. We love hands-on couples. We still highly recommend you have a planner, even if it is just for day of planning. That way, we can still guide you to the best vendors and make sure you’ve thought of everything when it comes to your event. The last thing you want to be is the point person on your event day. You want to relax and enjoy the day. Let us handle any and all of the stress that surrounds an event day.

  • Do we have to use your event vendors?

    No, you are more than welcome to use whoever you would like. We often find new, talented vendors this way. However, trying our tried and true vendors is always a good idea. We have over 15 years of experience in the industry and have found the best of the best. Why recreate the wheel when you can use our knowledge.

  • How much time do you need to plan our event to perfection?

    As with most things, the more time the better however we’ve planned an all-encompassing weekend event in just two weeks, so anything is possible. Most events are planned within a 2 year to 6 month time frame.