Creative Consulations

So you discovered Pinterest. Your head is full of ideas, but you have no idea how to make it cohesive or how to execute it. If you are just looking for a creative consultant to bring it all together, or have hired our planning services, you can rest assured we can pull off what you have envisioned. Next, our event artistic designer, Cathrina, will meet with you to find out your vision in more detail. She will discover your loves and needs in relation to visual aspects of your wedding such as, but not limited to, colors, fonts, flowers, and linens.

No matter what level of service you have booked us for, Cathrina will create a custom Pinterest board. For those of you who have added creative consultation to your package or purchased it a la carte, she then creates a beautiful and thoughtful “design deck”. This is more than a creative board. Cathrina’s “design deck” showcases ways you can create a cohesive look and feel to your event—everything from ceremony set-up to favors to personal details about your relationship you want to share with your guests. Our clients absolutely love this part of the process! See creative deck to big day: Chava’s Bat Mitzvah, Mandy and Tony’s Wedding, and Laura and Dylan’s Wedding.

If you have hired us to plan your event, our planning team will take your “design deck” and bring it to reality. We assist with everything from finding the perfect location and vendors to ensuring your dream stays within your budget. And, our artistic designer, Cathrina, is there along the way with additional creative advice at your décor meetings.

But if you have only hired our design services, you can take your deck to all of your vendors and they will have a design plan in hand to make your wedding vision come to life