posted on Dec 07, 2012

Lovely Mandy came to us very close in to her wedding. Her time frame was tight and she had already had a bad experience with a planner. She needed us to help bring her ideas together, organize them and then bring them to reality. All within a budget as well. We sat down with Mandy, reviewed her Pinterest board, listened to her vision and then we were off and running. Cathrina took Mandy’s vision of a classic, sophisticated wedding with black, ivory and pops of blush, and from there created a beautiful and personalized creative overview deck. Cathrina also assisted with custom stationery items to carry the theme and logo of the wedding throughout the entire day. It all came together and the Isleworth Country Club was the perfect backdrop for her event. See our gallery to view the original concepts and printed pieces. And to see the Pinterest board that started it all, click here.


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