posted on Dec 18, 2012

This event was a wonderful opportunity for us to work in South Florida, which we love and also with one of our former team members Kristen! Our client really wanted all of our creative help to pull together this one of a kind Bat Mitzvah for her daughter. Her daughter had her own creative ideas and while it was originally a beach theme event, it ended up being a four seasons theme (Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring). We worked with all of Chava and Stacee’s great ideas and put together a seasonal creative deck. We shared this with her floral designer which was a close personal friend of the family and was Chava’s Hebrew teacher and she was off and running. The cocktail area was frosty and white complete with an ice sculpture. The dining area was all about the autumn harvest. The candy station was spring and was complete with various spring treats. The dance floor area was a summer fun theme. Our team ensured that the event theme was carried through every detail in the event. Everything from the invitations to the t shirts which were designed by our designer Cathrina. This event was truly one of a kind and what a party. Looking forward to working with this wonderful family again for Shira’s Bat Mitzvah.

Hader Mitzvah from Mark LeGrand on Vimeo.



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