posted on Feb 06, 2018

It’s so exciting! Taking the registry scanner around the store, scanning everything you’d love to have, envisioning your dream home with your new gifts and how much easier life will be with that cappuccino maker…

But, should you really register for that cappuccino maker?! Is it too much to ask for? And what about dishes? Do I really need or want china dish ware? Or that crystal vase that seems to be screaming “scan me!” from every corner of the wedding section?

As fun as it can be to register (because, it’s an experience that makes your engagement seem that much more real!), it can be overwhelming and confusing on what to register for.

We receive a variety of questions on what to register for and where, so we wanted to give out a few pieces of advice we have for those struggling with wants vs. needs and tradition vs. customization.

1.Unfortunately, Your Wedding Will Probably Not Allow You To Retire Early.

Yes, you’ve hit the lottery with marrying your significant other, but when it comes to your bank account, don’t expect to hit all the numbers you’ve always dreamed of.

True, there are times when couples are surprised with family inheritances or similar passed down as a wedding gift, but typically, we see that most weddings are a mix of guests giving a certain amount of money or purchasing a gift off of a registry.

With that being said, we caution couples to “expect” any specific amount of money. Yes, it would be wonderful if you splurged on a wedding band, but if you expect to be able to pay for it with the money you receive from your guests, you could be in for disappointment and debt.

Go into your wedding with no expectations of what you will receive. Everyone has a different budget to spend for your gift, so it’s better to be pleasantly surprised than disappointed.

2. Customize & Diversify.

We’re not talking about your financial portfolio, but rather the items and places you choose to register!

These days, you don’t have to limited yourself to only home stores. If outdoor adventure is your thing, try REI’s gift registry where you can wish for everything from sleeping bags to backpacks.

Or maybe your dream honeymoon is more important than polished silverware, in which you may want to check out sites such as Wanderable where you can register for guests to help you experience a honeymoon of a lifetime.

In addition to those things or experiences you desire now, keep in mind you may want a few traditional pieces that you can display for years to come. That may mean a home store featuring frames, glassware, or even pottery that is a reminder of your special day. Something that can be displayed in your new home with timeless elegance.

Trust us, you’ll love in years to come when you’re older. A beautiful picture frame with you two on your dream honeymoon or camping in the wilderness will be priceless in the future.

3. Be Mindful Of Your Guests.
This is where it can get tricky. Yes, you LOVE that new coffee machine, but the price tag is steep. You think, “Well, it is my wedding after all, why not?!”, but once you click on it, you wonder if your guilt is worth it.

Don’t worry, this is normal!

Our recommendation is to be reasonable and mindful of your guests and their budgets. Discuss with your significant other what a high end item may be priced at for your guests and what a low end item may be.

Consider…are my guests spending money traveling to our wedding? Are they taking time off of work to attend? Is a night away from their kids leaving them with a large babysitting bill?

All of these things may factor into how much your guests choose to spend on your gift. Having a variety of low and medium priced wish gifts with a small amount of higher priced gifts can help guests feel able to help you achieve your desires. And, it’s okay to have a few higher priced items (within reason!), for friends and family who may want to go in on a gift together.

Our biggest piece of advice, though? The best gift you can receive are your friends and family attending your most special day. Being there for you, encouraging you, supporting your decision, and wishing you both well in your future together. This gift is priceless and will last a lifetime.

If you’re planning an Orlando or Central Florida wedding and are looking for additional advice for your amazing day, contact me at or visit us at The Winter Park Wedding Stroll on Sunday, February 18.