posted on Jan 29, 2018

To band or to DJ? To customize or to keep it simple? To add additional entertainment options or stick to music only? Oh, the questions that seemed easy…until you actually had to make the decisions!

Entertainment for weddings and events in Central Florida is unlimited. Not only do we have access to some of the best musical acts and DJs, but we also have highly creative professionals who know how to think outside the box and make your wedding or event uniquely your own.

So who do we go to when seeking entertainment ideas and advice? One of our favorites is Wendy Goelz Kopasz, Owner and Office Manager of Soundwave Entertainment here in Central Florida, and also a wedding professional attending The Winter Park Wedding Stroll on February 18. She’s one smart cookie when it comes to entertainment options, budgeting, and making the impossible, well…possible.

Following, she shares with us new trends, band questions, and advice for finding the right selection for you!

Tell us a little about Sound Wave Entertainment.
Soundwave Entertainment is owned by Les and Wendy Kopasz.  We started Soundwave here in Orlando in 2001.  Since 2001, we have provided entertainment services to more than 4,000 weddings and corporate events.  Our 5 member DJ team consists of highly skilled music mixers and master emcees.  We offer customized DJ music, specializing in weddings, LED Lighting Design, Photo Booth and Guitarist.
What are you currently seeing as most popular for wedding ceremony entertainment? 
Over the past few years, we have seen more brides opting for ceremonies at their reception venues as opposed to church settings.  We are also seeing a strong demand for live music, which is why our guitarist, Pete, is such a popular choice for our clients.  Additionally, those brides and grooms using DJ music for their ceremony are definitely going with non-traditional music.  They are using current hits or instrumentals of pop songs.  And when it comes to the recessional song, after you kiss, brides and grooms are going for it!
Are there any new trends for reception entertainment?
Definitely some trends at receptions that we are seeing, and loving!  If you have a big wedding party, many of our couples are opting to introduce them as “The Wedding Party” and not as pairings and introducing some 8-10 pairings that can take time.  This way its quick, keeps up the tempo, and keeps the attention on the bride and groom.  Also, the garter ceremony is definately fading.
We have many clients ask about bands, thinking they are out of their price range.  What do reception bands typically start at?
Band are not cheap, at least the really, really good one that have expertise in weddings.  Keep in mind, you will usually need a DJ to play during breaks, and serve as your emcee, as many bands do not offer this.
Are there any considerations clients need to take into consideration when booking entertainment (i.e. electricity, set-up, etc.)?
Well we like to say this is our concern, but, since you asked, let’s just be honest!  If you are having an outdoor reception, keep your guests’ comfort in mind!  It can be very, very hot from April – November and it can be unbelievably cold December – March. There are summer thunderstorms and pop-up rain showers and there is wind…need I say more?  I always tell clients you have a 20% chance of the weather truly being ideal for an outdoor reception.  You MUST be flexible with outdoor receptions, because at the end of the day, keeping your guests comfortable and happy is what leads to an amazing celebration.

What advice would you give couples who are starting to think about entertainment options for their wedding?
DO YOUR RESEARCH….you do get what you pay for!  A professional wedding DJ is just that, a professional in DJ & MCing weddings.  Do not trust your friend who owns some speakers, do not hire a club jock just who has never worked a wedding, do not try to do it yourself.  I always tell clients, that the easiest thing we do is DJ!  The expertise comes with the emceeing, understanding working with fellow vendors, understanding the flow, traditions, communication, etc.
We have worked with you, Wendy, and have had wonderful experiences.  Why are you in the entertainment business and why do you love it?
Gosh, every wedding is unique and that is what we love!  We love planning and working with our clients to really understand their vibe for music, their vision for lighting and aesthetics, and just creating the environment that they want on their day!  No two weddings are alike and that is what makes each and every wedding very special to us!  Feeling the love, creating the energy, and hearing guests say “we had an awesome time” is why we do this.   
Are you planning a wedding or event in the Orlando or Central Florida area and have entertainment questions? Would meeting Wendy and her team be of help to you?

Then attending The Winter Park Wedding Stroll may be the perfect opportunity for you! Purchase your tickets here and come meet the Soundwave Entertainment team to see how you can easily plan sophisticated, professional, and fun entertainment for your special day.