posted on Mar 06, 2014


Venedra was one of the most lovely, energetic brides with amazing character. She and Donte had been together for several years and didn’t know if they would ever get married. But Venedra having to undergo open heart surgery changed things. Her story was so heartwarming, no pun intended, it grabbed the attention of the TLC show, I Found the Gown (we don’t know when her episode premieres, but we will let you know).


Her wonderful personality and style showed through with her choice of The Rix Lounge as her venue and the ultra chic choice of dark gray and orange as her wedding colors. She also chose to entertain her guests during cocktail hour with a comedian! All her details were geared toward keeping her guests happy but still being true to herself. She was just such a wonderful person to work with and we wish Venedra and Donte lots of health and happiness in the years to come.


Having the assistance of Michele Butler was like having a staff of fairy godmothers. Enlisting their help was the single best planning decision that we could have ever made. They were remarkably attentive and available to our needs and opinions. Our planning journey included corresponding from 900 miles away for a wedding scheduled within a rather short 3 month window. With their expertise, magic wands and prime vendor recommendations we were able to create a look and feeling on our wedding day that was like none other that we’d ever attended. Our consultations were full of ways to optimize our budget to include intricate details and special touches were beautifully unique. As a long distance couple, we are extremely appreciative of their enthusiasm and professionalism that resulted in an worry-free, positive and wonderfully personal wedding weekend.

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Disney Rix Lounge – Photo & Video Booth-Large from Key Moment Films on Vimeo.


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