posted on Mar 05, 2014


When one of your very best friends finally finds the love of her life, then you truly just want the very best for her!  It was so fun to help Kristen along the way even though she didn’t really need much help.  Having been involved in our industry for a number of years, she knew exactly what she wanted.  Eventually.  It was fun to see her planning evolve and her design change.  In the end, Kristen put her signature on her wedding all the way down to the seer sucker pink wedding gown.


And I am a huge fan of intimate weddings and this one was just that.  She chose Savannah, Georgia for her big day and kept it simple.  Intimate ceremony in The Gastonian Bed & Breakfast garden with a champagne toast and cake cutting in the parlor.  Then, it was off to her reception at one my all time favorite restaurants, The Old Pink House where an elegant dinner was served and the bride and groom even had a first dance with a truly spine chilling soloist.  It was so amazing to be a guest and spend a fun and relaxed time with this fabulous group of people.  Congratulations to Kristen & Max!

Knowledgeable. Organized. Professional. Efficient and Fun. All the things you look for in a wedding planner, I found at Michele Butler Events! Michele and her team knew all the in’s and out’s to allow me to relax during the planning process and the day of my ceremony and reception! My destination wedding would not have been as amazing as it was without Michele! Our destination was Savannah Georgia and we knew only a little about the city, let alone what vendors to use and what venue to select. It truly was a pleasure working with her! I would highly recommend her to any couple looking to have a seemless event, regardless of budget or location. Thank you again Michele!

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