posted on Dec 08, 2012

This wedding was very special because it was a family event. The bride is our designer, Cathrina’s sister-in-law. The wedding had many creative touches in blossom pink and such as handmade elements and customized stationery due to the mother and father of the bride along with the bride and two of her bridesmaids being artists. Cathrina had to get into the action as well and created her daughter’s flower girl dress and the favor boxes. The bride’s parents hand painted and designed the seating chart and unity candle table. Along with that, Dad created a custom cupcake tree for the event. Of course, the mother of the groom couldn’t be left out and she contributed her talents and made all of the cupcakes. This wedding was also a joining of two cultures, the bride is Filipino and there were many of their traditions incorporated into the ceremony. And the culture preferences didn’t stop there. The bride’s family wanted a Catholic ceremony, but the bride had her heart set on a lakeside outdoor ceremony. They were able to find a compromise by using a family friend who was a former priest to officiate the ceremony.

After attending and being part of weddings without a wedding planner, I knew I had to have one. Thankfully, I had one in the family! My planning experience wasn’t the easiest and had quite a few bumps in the road, but I am so grateful I had Michele and her team to help me navigate through it.

From the bride:

I come from a family of artists, but sometimes our lives get so busy we don’t get a chance to create anything for ourselves. My dad was created a custom cupcake tree for the event. He took the time to make something so unique and special just for my wedding. I love my Dad!

My favorite part of planning — I’m a foodie so of course the catering! Puff N Stuff did an amazing job creating delicious items that worked with our theme, taste preference, and budget!


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