posted on Jul 07, 2014


Nicole and Raphael are from the Tampa Bay area and wanted a destination wedding. But then it dawned on them how much they wanted all their friends and family to be around. So they got the best of both worlds by having their wedding at the Waldorf-Astoria Orlando. It was far away enough that it felt like a vacation and near enough for them to have all those they loved nearby.

The threat of rain was imminent. Nicole would have been completely devastated to not get married outside, but thankfully the Waldorf had installed a new covering over their central park area. This gorgeous pergola with travertine and paver flooring was the perfect setting that allowed Nicole to have her outdoor wedding and keep her guests and herself out of the rain. Ian Prosser of Botanica, had his team make the transition from one site to another in no time. Having to make the hard decisions, like rain calls, remind us of how valuable our referred vendors are. We know we can always depend on them to make things happen.

In the end, everything was perfect, the guests were dry, and most importantly, our bride and groom are happily married.

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