Ceremony Only

The Ceremony Only Package are for couples who have planned every detail themselves and really just need some assistance for the rehearsal and ceremony. Our responsibilities on your rehearsal and wedding day:

  • Assist you with hiring your ceremony vendors such as the officiant and musicians.
  • Pinterest Board with 25 ceremony related pins
  • Put all of your specifics into a ceremony schedule that will be provided to your venue and your wedding party.
  • Coordinate the rehearsal and ensure that all of the participants know their duties.
  • Arrive an hour before the ceremony to ensure that the ceremony set up is complete to your specifications.
  • Assist with any personal flower distribution.
  • Coordinate the ceremony ensuring that the wedding participants walk at the correct time and signaling the musicians for the chosen wedding selections.
  • Greet the wedding party and family members after the ceremony has concluded and ensure that they are directed to the photography meeting location.
  • Make sure that your guests are directed to the cocktail hour.
  • Pack up any of your ceremony items and place them with your wedding gifts.
  • Pinterest Board with 25 ceremony related pins

Photo courtesy of Root Photography