posted on Jan 29, 2014


New Year’s Eve always brings up visions of glamour and sparkle. Out with the old and in with the new. Celebrating old and new friends. Olivia Ginn, from InStyle Imagery, and I became friends in the Summer of 2013 and realized we would be collaborating on lots of beautiful projects in the eminent future. With one amazing shoot under our belt, I was honored and inspired when she told me that she wanted to collaborate once again on a shoot for Every Last Detail. We were given the task to bring color and a less stuffy aesthetic to New Year’s Eve. So we decided to take a few classic perceptions of NYE and turn it on it’s head. Presenting to you our shoot inspired by a snow snow queen, gowns designed for royalty, all set in a Castle.

NYE Inspiration Behind the Scenes from SugarPop Films on Vimeo.

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