posted on Dec 09, 2012

Wilmary and Patrick are every wedding planners dream! They are kind and wonderful people. Working with them was like working with dear friends. It was one of those planning processes that was just easy because of it. It was fun coming up with the theme for the wedding, Peacock. Everything from the feather and colors were featured on the invitations and were also at the place setting. Arthur’s Catering provided food that best honored their heritages, Puerto Rican and English. Even the favors were themed Puerto Rican coffee and English breakfast tea.

I have said this many times before, but I will always say it. Thanks, Michele and your lovely gals for making that day an unforgettable day! We couldn’t do it without you.

From the bride:

I had many favorites details, but one of my favorite details was to see Patrick waiting up front.  To see his face filled with joy and nervous at the same time was priceless.  The decor from Lee Forrest was one of the details I favored.  He created the feel and look I had imagined.  It was great to see my imagination in reality.  I also have to say the fantastic creativity of nu visions in photography.  They were able to capture the wedding and our storyline through pictures.  The details of the pictures told our story commencing with the engagement session up to the finale of the wedding.  My other favorite detail was how smooth everything went.  I never heard the opposite during or after the wedding.  Our guests enjoyed themselves so much that up to the day of today we are still hearing how great it was.  They comment on how much fun they had and all the details that made it all happen.

My favorite part of the planning process was meeting with the vendors recommended by Michele. Every time I met a vendor and they were able to see my vision and design it, I got more and more excited.



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From our Mobile Uploads:

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