posted on Feb 06, 2014

Wedding Alliance Coming Out Party from SugarPop Films on Vimeo.

Last year, a red square with an equal sign swept across Facebook. There was an outpouring of love and support from the Central Florida Wedding community. I thought to myself, there is something we have to do to make a very public stance. Michele and I first thought we would throw a party, then we met with Jamie O’Donnell from Phoenix Event Group, and we realized it needs to be more. It needs to mean something. We assembled our team—Michele Butler Events, Phoenix Event Group, Artful Events with the Mezz and Abbey, Hughes Fioretti Photography, John Michael Weddings and Events, Lee Forrest Design, and Holiday Inn Lake Buena Vista Downtown, WALT DISNEY WORLD Resort and The Wedding Alliance was formed. Our goal is to create an organization that will become a resource to couples looking for like-minded vendors and also educate other vendors and the community about the importance of marriage equality, socially and economically.

Our Mission Statement:
The Wedding Alliance’s mission is to build awareness of both the economic and social benefits that equality in all marriages brings to every community, with the hope that one day soon all marriages will be made legal. The Wedding Alliance is a network of professionals who provide assistance, guidance and resources for all members of the community, straight and LGBT, as they plan for their perfect wedding day.

We have been met with so much love and support from the community and are so honored to have Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer and Commissioner Patty Sheehan as Allies. It adds so much validity to our cause and the open support from our local government gives us hope that equality is on the horizon.

Our first big event was, Coming Out. We teamed up with truly remarkable vendors to make a statement in a big way. We took inspiration from the Marriage Equality Symbol and Pride Flag. The turnout was amazing and were overwhelmed by all the support. We look forward to seeing our organization growing and our dream of equality becoming a reality.

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