posted on Oct 17, 2017

Ok, so we’ll admit, we are still reeling off of the recent sweet 16 birthday party we planned at The Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes featuring the one and only Nick Jonas! It was just as exciting and swoon worthy as you imagine it could be and we are honored to have been the planners for such an extraordinary event!

With all of the questions we’ve now been getting about how to secure such incredible entertainment, we thought it would be helpful to share a few insights into how it’s done.

First and foremost, have a planner when going for big name entertainment for your Orlando wedding or Orlando event. A Central Florida event planner that has worked with name entertainment before understands the intricacies of contracts, technical needs, and working with the entertainers team and the venue team.

There are many moving parts to name entertainment, so don’t go it alone. Some agencies may not even work with you unless you have a professional planner. Unless your sister-in-law is a professional, don’t ask her to head this one up.

When working with your event planner to decide on which entertainer to choose, he/she will more than likely work with a local or well known event entertainment company or public relations company that will work directly with the entertainer’s agency.

The two agencies will negotiate the terms of the agreement including costs and needs. Many agencies may provide a list of name entertainers and their associated costs so you can select from a variety of budget ranges. Unless, of course, you have that ONE special act in mind!

Part of the contract that is negotiated will include the “rider”. The rider is what is given to the event planner and the venue typically. It lists out all of the requirements for things such as electrical needs to stage requirements and will also list out any requests from the performer.

Your event planner and venue will secure a green room for the entertainment and his/her requests from the rider will be ready in that room. For example, there may be special dietary requests, favorite beverages, or full length mirrors and clothing racks that they will like waiting for them. This is not something you want to leave to your friends and family! Let the professionals handle these requests.

Also keep in mind that the performer may travel with a production team so you may need to cover those costs as well. Ensure that all costs are included in the negotiations up front.

The last thing to be mindful of is to respect the privacy of the entertainer. Ask up front during negotiations how interactive the performer is with the guests:

Can they get pictures with him/her after the show or once the show ends does the performer leave immediately?

Will your friends and family be allowed to take pictures or video during the performance?

If this is your special day, will you have a few minutes allotted for a special one on one meet and greet before or after the performance?

We know it may sound like a lot of work (and we won’t lie, it is!), the good news is that between your event planner, your venue, and your entertainment or public relations agency, you should have a team that can handle it all.

Are you planning an Orlando special event such as an Orlando bar or bat mitzvah, a Central Florida holiday party, an Orlando sweet 16 party, or even a Florida wedding and are interested in learning more about securing name entertainment for your event?

We can get you started to see if it’s a possibility for you!

Contact me at and we can talk thoroughly about your vision, your event, and your ideal performer. Then you relax and we’ll get to planning!