posted on Jun 06, 2017

Over the years, we have worked with hundreds of different wedding vendors in Central Florida – it’s one of the best parts of our job! We have the privilege of meeting people who are extraordinarily talented and witness how they truly make a wedding or event awe inspiring.

One of these spectacularly talented individuals is Lee Forrest of Lee Forrest Design. As a floral designer located in Orlando, his creative eye is highly coveted for weddings and events alike. We find him thoughtful in creating original visions for events and he does it all with a fabulous sense of humor.  He’s not only fun to work with, but we find his work ethic and designs to be first class.

photography by Mike Briggs Photography

Here’s more about Lee from a recent interview we did!

Michele: You’re one of Orlando’s most creative florists.  How do you come up with ideas?

Lee: I actually dream up all kinds of crazy stuff at night! Sometimes I will dream about a technical issue of building an arrangement or a design prop that I am not sure how to go about executing, and I will work out the details of how to make it happen at night in my dream.  It’s weird.   I have vivid dreams. 

I also just love being in my shop late at night by myself and having a glass of wine–and just start playing with ideas.  I will pull a vase off a shelf , grab some wire, throw some cinder blocks into the mix, some candles, some feathers, some flowers and just create something amazing with it all.   Sometimes I have a very solid vision of what my design is going to look like–and sometimes I start experimenting to see what I can come up with and it ends up looking nothing like my original vision.  Sometimes it is all about the end product–and sometimes it is more about the journey to get there.

Michele: This was one of our favorite concepts you created at the Country Club of Orlando.   What a wow for the couple and guests as they took in your designs.

photography by Kristen Weaver Photography

Michele: That sounds fun!  What’s one idea that you’re itching to do?

Lee: I want to do a ceremony backdrop of shredded fabric strips with the raw edges and threads showing, randomly knotted and accented with some flowers and greenery somehow.  It sounds weird, but in my head it looks really cool. 


Michele: LOVE that idea!  I’m already thinking of how that could be an overall design theme for an entire wedding.  Original and organic.

Do you have a signature piece that you are known for?

Lee: Anything with heavy art wire.  Wire is very sculptural and can be reused again and again. Anytime some crazy looking crunched up wire is involved in a floral piece anywhere in the city, there is a very high chance that it is my work. 

Michele: We love this signature you have.  This is a stunning example from one of our weddings that you designed.  We appreciate how you used wire for both the bouquet and boutonniere to bring in a sleek, modern twist intertwined with traditional floral.


photography by Kristen Weaver Photography

Michele: What makes for a challenging wedding/event?

Lee: Those who have challenges letting go of some of the minute details can kill my soul. I am mindful that it is hard for some, but many times those clients can end up disappointed because I am not allowed to use my talents and knowledge to the best of my ability.


Michele: You certainly are an artist, so I see how you would thrive on the opportunity to be creative.  

What’s one secret about the wedding and event industry you’ve learned?

Lee: The best vendors in the city work together frequently, so they know who is great at what they do and who they are going to have issues with.  Also, good vendors that work well together and play nice in the sandbox with each other makes for a well-oiled vendor team–and your event will go much more smoothly.  Ask other vendors for referrals for any missing gaps in your vendor list. 

Michele: Great advice (and so true)!


Are you planning a wedding or event in Orlando or Central Florida and are in need of vendor referrals?  As an Orlando Wedding and Event Planner, I am happy to help you! As Lee mentioned, top vendors tend to work together and ensure for a stunning and smooth event.  

Contact me at and let’s discuss your vision and who may be the perfect fit to help see it to reality.