posted on Dec 09, 2012

Terrace 390 reached out to us because they were interested in offering their venue space for weddings, both ceremonies and receptions. We worked with them to come up with a color scheme and vision for the event. We partnered with some wonderful vendors to deliver a gorgeous, fun filled evening event for the best of the best of the wedding industry.

Definitely a team that under promises and over delivers! AMAZING!

From Terrace 390:

My favorite detail of the event planned at Terrace 390 was the transformation of the inside bar area. The high top tables transformed from seemingly “eyesores” into elegant focal points for guest to gather. Couple that with lighted tree element and seating centerpiece and the interior suddenly softened into a great space.

Meeting with Michele and hearing her vision of exactly how the space would transform was much more than I expected and was a truly a remarkable experience. She related to not only the things I saw but took that expectation to an entirely new level. Definitely a team that under promises and over delivers! AMAZING!


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