posted on Dec 10, 2012

We are always looking for ways to be involved in our wonderful community and when the opportunity to plan the Orlando Shakespeare Gala presented itself, it was the perfect fit. We are all theater and art buffs. We quickly took the vision that the committee had put together and ran with it. Getting some of our favorite vendors involved in the event. This was different than most galas because the event had a silent auction along with a regular auction. The food was delicious stations provided by some of the best caterers, restaurants and hotels around the area. This was a great partnership for us and we look forward to doing it again in the near future.


Michele Butler Events helped us get things we have never dreamed of before!

Jamie Mykins, Director of Donor Relations:

You have planned many galas in the past without an event planner, how did it change your planning process? Having Michele Butler Events on Board gave us a chance to work with a lot of vendors we have not had in the past! “Shake” things up so to say, being my first event as Director of Development it was great to have the extra support!

Did it allow you to put your focus on other aspects of the event? Absolutely, when members of the committee had ideas of what we should do, having an outside company might be able to handle. Michele Butler Events helped us get things we have never dreamed of before!

Were you happy with the vendors that Michele Butler Events brought on board? Michele Butler Events’ vendors were great! We have added them to the list of people we would recommend and they still keep in contact even months later with us!


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