posted on Aug 01, 2017

In most cities, the wedding and event world has legends. Those who have made a successful career helping people celebrate momentous times in their lives and do it with class. They are respected, admired, and appreciated.

Orlando is no different. We have legends as well. Some in the making and some already set in stone.

Today, I’m excited to share a question and answer with one of my favorite Orlando wedding and event legends – Lisa New, Senior Catering & Wedding Sales Manager at Reunion Resort.

We have worked with Lisa for many years and have come to admire her enthusiasm for making things happen, her determination for exceeding expectations, and simply her attitude of having fun while doing it all. She’s revered by clients and industry professionals alike and we are honored to spotlight her on our blog!

Michele Butler Events Wedding at Reunion Resort
photography by Lora Rodgers Photography

Lisa, you have been in the Orlando wedding industry for quite some time. Share with us a few of your highlights.

I spent 7 years working at Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings, then I joined the Wedding Team at Orlando’s first Waldorf Astoria shortly after opening and assisted with the start of the wedding program for this iconic brand. Currently, I’m very happy leading the weddings team at Reunion Resort, a picturesque golf resort just west of Orlando.

We know you have seen many a trend come and go throughout the years. What trend(s) do you see happening now that are fun?

“Junk Food” Stations with fun foods such as a Bacon Station, Stations of Gourmet French Fries, Gourmet Macaroni and Cheese Station and Donuts hung on a wall.

What’s one idea you’d love to do for a wedding or event?

I would love a wedding to cover our rooftop pool in Plexiglas and use it as the dance floor and have lighted objects floating below or lighting changing the water different colors throughout the evening.

What’s something that brides typically don’t know about but wedding professionals do?

That it is better to pay a little more for higher quality vendors and use recommended vendors with a high level of professionalism. Less expensive, inexperienced vendors don’t always deliver what they promise.

Anything you’ve learned along the way?

Too much to say in a short answer ……but when I work with a bride or the planner, it’s important that they trust me and I will show them upon our initial meeting that I am here to assist and share my experience with them to produce an awesome wedding day for them. Their wedding is also “my wedding” and I take an extreme amount of pride in my work and I so enjoy seeing the result in a very happy bride & groom! That’s what makes me “tick” and why I enjoy what I do so much!
Something we love the most about Lisa is her can-do attitude. Her years of exceptional experience allows her to be a visionary and only say “no” when it’s not a feasible or safe idea. Her ability to see the big picture of a concept or theme and take it to the next level is highly valuable for those searching for creative and unique weddings or events.

Are you searching for your own creative wedding or event in Orlando or Central Florida? We can help! Contact me at and let’s talk about your ideas or have us come up with some uniquely for you!