posted on Oct 12, 2017

I know I’m not the only one. I know you’ve seen it, too. Yes, the Christmas trees that are now slowly going up in stores, the holly berry ribbons making their way to the front of the craft section, and the overall feel of the Christmas and seasonal holiday inching their way into stores right this second.

You may be complaining about it a bit (like me :), but it’s a GREAT reminder that’s it’s time to start planning those holiday parties! So, let’s be appreciative of the fake snow and miniature reindeer making their way to the aisles and use it as inspiration to get our parties planned and organized!

As Orlando Holiday Event Planners have 3 tips to get you motivated and inspired for your Orlando holiday party this year!  

You don’t have to have all of your details set yet, but here are the “MUST DO’s” if you want to get a head start and leave some stress behind!


1. Pick Your Party!

Are you responsible for your office holiday party?

How about a family get together?  A dressy ladies luncheon?

Or maybe it’s a full blow out with all of your friends?

Whatever the party, pick it now.

Know what you are able to feasibly plan and decide on it now. As holidays approach, it can be fun to think about putting a little soiree together quickly, but it’s not as easy as you may think.

Right now:

– Consider how many guests you want to invite
– Put your guest list together
– Decide on how you will communicate it to them (actual hard invitation, evite, email, word of mouth, etc.) With this much extra time, you could put some creativity on this!

2. Choose Your Location.

After considering the type of party you are planning, where’s the best place to host it?

Some ideas for an office holiday party are (contact us for specific locations if you’re curious of our top picks!):

– Cozy Restaurants with private rooms for smaller parties
– Beautiful Hotels with lush grounds for cocktail receptions and formal ballrooms for dinner and dancing
– Fun & Relaxed options such as a sporting facility for guests to enjoy, a theme park entertainment dinner, or a dinner cruise
– Or, you can always go “The Office” route and turn your cubicle world into a winter wonderland!

For family and friend parties, many hosts choose their own homes. Just keep in mind the amount of space you have for people to sit, to eat, mingle, and use the restrooms. This may impact your guest count in tip #1.

If you’re home isn’t what you are going for, check out creative options such as:
– Reserving a private room with a fantastic view for cocktails and appetizers
– Renting a barn or tenting a field complete with hay rides and music
– Reserving afternoon tea service at a local tea shop or hotel (perfect for a ladies holiday get together!)

3. Pick Your Date & Secure it!

Yes, we know it’s September, but many people have already reserved their holiday party venues. If you are serious about your party, it’s time to pick your date and reserve it!

Most venues will require a signed agreement outlining if there is a rental fee and/or if there is a minimum food and beverage requirement. Don’t feel that you have to make all of your food and beverage decisions now, but have an idea if you will be paying for the entire bill or if guests will be offered a cash bar.

Take a good look over the menus and ask your venue to provide you a sample proposal of what the total cost of your party could be with any additional fees such as bartender or chef fees, taxes, and service charges.

What’s next?

Now, once all this fun stuff is secured, it’s time to announce it! You’ll want to have others get it on their calendars before they fill up with other obligations. So, get to work on those invitations and it doesn’t hurt to get word of mouth going before the invitations go out!

Keep an eye out for upcoming posts about creative ideas when hosting your holiday party!

Are you planning a holiday party in Orlando or Central Florida? We here at Michele Butler Events help plan a variety of holiday parties each year.

Please contact us at for any need you may have. We can help with anything from helping you find the perfect venue to looking over contracts to ensuring the party runs smoothly.

So get that Santa hat on and start planning!