posted on May 07, 2014


There are times as event planners that we are truly honored to do what we do. This particular event we were not only honored, but humbled as well. Dr. Olufunmilola Daramola-Ogunwuyi was a physician, wife, mother, and friend loved by all. When she had lost her battle to cancer, her friends and family rallied together, not to mourn their loss, but to celebrate her life. Dr. Ogunwuyi was affectionately known as Funmi. Her radiance was evident by the way she touched people’s lives. Her faith and her Nigerian heritage were not only important to her, but were part of her identity. One of her best friends, Dr. Tejumade St. Matthew-Daniel, really wanted us to capture her essence, so she had Cathrina go to Funmi’s home to meet her husband and look through her belongings. She was a woman of vibrance and impeccable taste, so we did the best we could to put on an event that was worthy of the woman she was. She is survived by her husband Charles, and two sons.

Here are some wonderful things said by Dr. Ogunwuyi’s friends and our clients:

I am lost for words on how to express my profound gratitude to each one of you on the role you played in the inspiring homegoing ceremony of our beloved sister and friend. As I said to Charles the morning of the 3mile walk. Funmi’s death was not in vain and neither was her funeral ceremony. Unfortunately, it is at the expense of her immediate family Charles and the boys. This is our own understanding on this side. God’s understanding is very different from ours. Who are we to question Him.

To all of you, I say thank you. You all played a God ordained role in bringing comfort to Charles and the boys. Charles has a long way ahead but God is in control.

Thank you, it was really great working with you.

Babafemi Adenuga, MD
Associate Professor and Chair,
Department of Community & Family Medicine
Program Director, Family Medicine Residency Training Program
Howard University Hospital

We also wanted to give a very special thank you to John Unrue who captured these beautiful, emotional images.

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