posted on Dec 04, 2012

This was our non-wedding. Our bride, Melissa really didn’t want any of the normal wedding traditions. She wanted her wedding to be fun and didn’t want it to be like every other wedding. She got her wish for the most part. It was a FUN wedding. he bride wore a short wedding gown with a birdcage veil and her bridesmaids wore short dresses with pockets. The wedding colors were black, white and yellow. The bride’s impressive black candelabras really complemented the gorgeous ballroom of Lake Nona Country Club. After dinner, the dancing kicked in and the bride danced with her Dad to “Love Shack”. It was a funky fun dance complete with sun glasses. They really hammed it up. The night was completed with an impressive firework display.

Melissa & Philippe’s Wedding Highlight Film from Jeffrey Stoner Video on Vimeo.

I really wanted to make the wedding meaningful and special for everyone, especially Philippe’s and my family.

From the bride:

The fireworks were definitely my favorite detail from the wedding. Andy did a fantastic job with that show – my dad still talks about it, which is saying A LOT. My dad, who was anti fireworks at the wedding, until he saw the fireworks. Thank goodness we overruled him on that one.

I’d also have to throw in the father-daughter dance as one of my favorite things about the wedding. I was definitely not your typical wedding dance. But my dad and I have a history with the song “Love Shack” dating back to my 6th grade banquet (such an embarrassing moment to my 12 year old self) so I knew I had to make that our song for this. It holds a cheesy and special place in our hearts.

My favorite part of the planning was actually working closely with my mom. I really wanted to make the wedding meaningful and special for everyone, especially Philippe’s and my family. My main concern was always throwing a good party where everyone had a great time, and hopefully they did! My mother was essential to helping me make decisions, and I’m so grateful she and I had the opportunity to do this together!

And of course, I’m happy to be married to Philippe, above everything else!


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