posted on Jul 09, 2015


When both partners are involved in the wedding planning process, you know that the marriage is already off to a great start. This was the case with Matt and Marcie.

What was the best part of your wedding day?


Groom: Hard for me to pin-point the best part of the wedding day.  When I look back on it, it’s really a “wedding weekend” for me as I was on a high in the clouds basically the entire time.  It’s also very hard to remember so many things, but the flashbulb memories I have of it are all highs for me:  Walking down the aisle, giving speeches  to our guests, our entrance into the main room, seeing my uncle show up (don’t know why that hit me so hard).  However in thinking about it – I think the moment that I saw Marcie, “the first look,” was the best moment for me.  It really brought home that I’m connected with this person and we’re getting married at that point.  Just such a wonderful moment for me.


Bride: Totally agree with Matt, having all of our favorite people in the world, so many amazing friends and family together in one place, was just so special.  While it went by in a flash, I remember every bit of it, and the entire weekend was truly the best of my life, so couldn’t do justice to pinpoint one moment.  

I also love the first look.  It’s such an emotional moment. Being kept hidden from him with his eyes closed and back turned, I got to watch it all unfold.  I watched him arrive and reveled in the emotion as he waited in anticipation for me to tap his shoulder.  I will never forget his face as he turned to see me as his bride for the first time.  Very memorable.

Where did you go on your honeymoon?

We went to Hawaii, specifically Maui, Big Island, & Kauai.  Kauai was the best because it was the most organic in the sense of closest to island life.

Where are you now in life?

Well we’re still in the Upper West Side of NYC.  The week we got married I left my old brokerage to start my own and doing quite well after months of working to get it going.

Were there any special traditions incorporated into your wedding?





Lots of Jewish traditions like the breaking of the glass, the Horah, the Mezinka, etc.

What was your color scheme or theme?

Groom: I think Marcie is much more suited to answer this one.



Bride: I guess it was primarily white with some green, navy and silver.  The floral and the cake was all white.  Bridesmaids were in navy.  Some greenery was in the floral and some silver accents were included in the decor.  We wanted a very classic and timeless look but done in a very modern way.  We wanted sophisticated and understated with some rustic and organic elements.  Cathrina was amazing to work with.  She had great ideas, helped us define our vision and worked with our florist, La Vie en Rose to bring it all to life.

What is the one thing you had to have at your wedding?


My friends/people I loved.  That was easy.  After that…Good music, and I think we did as well as possible given what is typical at a wedding.

What was the best decision you made in regards to your wedding?



Well I chose the band so I’ll take that one.  Didn’t think I’d want to be so far from the beach for my guests, but the venue was just awesome.  Another great choice and Marcie sold me on that.

Do you have any advice to couples planning a wedding?


Groom: I’d say…If you’re making more of a fuss about the wedding than appreciating who you’re marrying and sharing the experience with them, then you are way off track and should call me immediately so I can set you straight.

Bride: Everyone says it…and for good reason…don’t stress!  Stay focused on what’s really important, the whole thing flies by and it is a once in a lifetime occasion…you deserve to get to enjoy every second of it.  If you have a great wedding planner (like Michele and her team) and pick great vendors, just know you are in good hands and they have everything covered so you can just enjoy!

Oh yeah…and…make sure you find comfortable shoes!  The pretty but painful shoes I bought didn’t even make it down the aisle with me.

Was there anything you wished you had done at your wedding that you didn’t do?

Make it a week long?  (not kidding really).  I loved the whole vibe and just wanted it to go on for a few more days.

What was your big splurge?

Groom: Ha – The wedding itself.  I want to have all boys.

Bride: I think the biggest splurge was just a factor of wanting to have such a big wedding.

Is there anything you would have done differently?


Groom: Not really.  I would have tried to be less nervous about standing during the ceremony, but if I had control over my subconscious I’d be a more relaxed person overall (and probably 6’3).


Bride: I would have done nothing differently.  Going into it, I told our photographer that I really wanted to be done with all the photos before the ceremony because I wanted to enjoy the cocktail hour.  After the ceremony, he said to us, there is a killer sunset and I’d love to get some shots, so we stayed and took pictures.  At first, I was disappointed that we missed the cocktail hour but then it was such a nice time for Matt and me to have some time to ourselves and I wouldn’t trade that.   Plus, those turned out to be some of the best pictures.   It was a great call by Ryan Joseph (our photographer)

What was the most memorable moment?


Groom: Again seeing Marcie for the “first look.”

Bride: Everything!  Too many memorable moments to pick one.

How was your experience working with Michele Butler Events?

Groom: I was told that no wedding is perfect – That something always goes wrong.  I’m honestly not sure that anything did.  I’m sure something must have, but I’m happy to say that everything went so smooth that it allowed us to appreciate all the love and support we were getting from family and friends.  That is a credit to you Michele and greatly appreciated.  

Bride: Ditto!  Michele told us something always goes wrong, but her job is to make sure we don’t know about it.  Indeed, that was the case.  Michele and her team were amazing to work with and their shining moment is the day of the big event.  In my eyes, the entire wedding was flawless.  I’m sure something went wrong but I don’t know what it was and I don’t need to.  Michele and her team made sure we had a perfect experience and we didn’t need to worry about a thing.  For that, I’m so appreciative and would recommend Michele to anyone looking to have an experience like that.

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