posted on Aug 08, 2017


You can’t help but love the little ring bearer walking towards the altar, looking around at all the faces, the ring pillow slowly drooping to the side. Or, the flower girls who look precious in their cute dresses, scattering rose petals haphazardly down the aisle. Kids can make weddings simply adorable.

And let’s be honest…they can also be challenging at times! It’s normal – they’re kids!

The decision of inviting kids or not inviting kids to a wedding can be a tough decision and even a heated one with family and friends. If you’re looking for ideas on how to keep the cuteness and remove the chaos, consider one of these ideas:

1. Throw a Pajama Party!

Many parents love to dress up their little ones and introduce them to friends and family. However, when it’s time for mom and dad to have fun and let loose, it can be hard if the kids are bored and needy. That’s why we love throwing pajama parties!

Ask your venue if you can utilize a nearby meeting/breakout room or suite for a children’s pajama party. After dinner, parents can change their kids into pajamas and escort them to their special room where blankets, pillows, popcorn, snacks, and a movie await! Most venues will have a television and DVD player available for rent.

We suggest a trip to IKEA for inexpensive and colorful blankets and pillows that can be spread out on the floor. These cute throw blankets for $3.99 come in a variety of colors and can be perfect to create a cozy setting! 

Don’t know who to head this up? Ask teenagers of your friends and family that have previous babysitting experience to help. Just make sure you have enough babysitters. Or, ask your venue or wedding planner to help you find a babysitting service that can assist.

2. Plan One Fun Thing!

Think most kids find weddings boring? Yep, you’re probably right!

Our advice for keeping them occupied without breaking the bank? Plan ONE fun thing!

You could be amazed at what a hit a simple face painter can be in the back foyer area of your cocktail reception or a balloon artist that arrives when dancing begins and has a table set up in the back corner of your ballroom.

One simple, but fun thing can make all the difference! And believe us, parents will be thrilled and appreciative!

To not take away from your wedding, consider something fun that can be discreetly set up on the side or in the back, such as:

balloon artist in the back of your ballroom
face painter at your cocktail reception
teepee play tents that are set up after dinner where kids can gather inside to color or play games. Amazon has a variety around the $20 mark. (don’t want to buy any? Ask friends and family with kids if they have one you can borrow)
magic, clown or puppet show that takes place in the foyer of your ballroom after dinner while everyone is dancing

Make sure you have adult supervision for the activities.

3. Stay Simple and Designate a Kids Table

Kids may not want to sit with other kids they don’t know at dinner, but after eating, they are typically itching to get out of that seat!

If you’re looking for something easy and inexpensive, one of the simplest things to do is set up a kids table. Ask your venue/catering manager if a small children’s table can be set up towards the back of the room after dinner is served (so as not to clutter the look of the room when guests walk in). Then, load it up with fun things that can be shared, such as:

colorful clay (less messy than play dough!)
Wikki Sticks  
cookies and a cookie decorating kit
party legos (such as these inexpensive ones from Target)
glow sticks/necklaces/bracelets
coloring/activity books

On a side note, once dinner is finished, your room looks much different than it did when you first walk in, so don’t worry about disrupting the perfect decor look you are going for. Chairs are pushed out, place cards are strewn, and place settings are well, all over the place. Worrying about the look of a kids table in the back of a dimly lit room usually doesn’t make a bit of difference to the look of your reception!

Still not sure if kids are right for your Orlando or Central Florida wedding or need help with planning the right activity for them? It’s a delicate decision that can be worked through and planned perfectly.

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