posted on Nov 14, 2013



Our bride Kaity wins the award for most impressive DIY. Her ceremony at Winter Park Presbyterian and Winter Park Farmers’ Market was completely her own design—down to creating every single floral arrangement. Kaity continues the DIY by writing up her own profile. Enjoy!

I felt like I had been home in Orlando the entire time. I felt so taken care of and so guided.

From the bride:

How did you meet?
Cody and I met at the University of Florida in 2008. Cody is born and raised in Alabama and I am from Florida. After he graduated high school, his parents moved to Gainesville, FL. Cody fell in love with UF and went there for a year where we met working at an outdoor outfitter shop. We were good friends and each had secret crushes. After a year, Cody found Auburn was a better fit for him and transferred. We never thought we’d see each other again, but a few years later we reconnected and stated dating. After college I moved to Alabama, and the rest is history!

BlackmanBlog001How did he propose?
Cody and I went on vacation to Las Vegas with my parents under the guise of my father’s birthday. All of our families knew he was going to propose for 6+ months! He asked my dad, mom, and sister for my hand in marriage. Cody and I love the outdoors and we went hiking in Red Rock Canyon just outside of Las Vegas. He proposed in this beautiful alcove that was carved by thousands and thousands of years of winds and sand.

When we got back to the Vegas strip, and after the “real” engagement, we decided to keep the party going! Cody proposed in crazy ways along the strip- In front of hundreds of people on the gondola ride, on the Eiffel Tower, in front of the Bellagio fountains, etc. etc.

BlackmanBlog017What was the best part of your wedding day?
For me, it was walking down the aisle, dancing with my grandpa, and eating the delicious bruschetta from the cocktail hour! For Cody it was seeing all of our friends and family.

Where did you go on your honeymoon?
We went backpacking in Europe! We spent months planning the trip and had an amazing time. We started in London where we went around the city and into the countryside. We then traveled to the Italian Riviera where we went to Portofino and Cinque Terre. We then traveled to Zermatt, Switzerland, which was our favorite! We hiked, went to the base of the Matterhorn, and ate fondue every night. We then went to Germany’s Black Forest and then on to Strasbourg, France. We went on a beautiful wine tour and were dying for one more day in the city. We then traveled on to Stuttgart and Heidelberg, Germany where we began our journey home.

Where are you now in life?
Cody and I are in Birmingham, AL both working our hardest at our jobs and exploring ways to start our own business. We love visiting our parents at their hideouts in Orange Beach, AL, St. Augustine, FL, and Lake Hartwell, SC. We love going to Birmingham Barons baseball games and are working on getting more involved in the Birmingham community. As always, we are obsessed with our lab and corgi, Laynie and Pippa.

Were there any special traditions incorporated into your wedding?
Our cake topper was from Kaity’s grandma and grandpa’s wedding cake from 1953. This year, they are celebrating their 60th! Our toasting flutes were from Kaity’s parent’s wedding. Kaity and Cody both enjoyed having their fraternity brothers and sorority sisters at the wedding. Cody even got to meet a few Lambda Chi alumi from Kaity’s side.

BlackmanBlog027What was your color scheme or theme?
Our theme and colors grew and developed every day, including even a few hours before the wedding! Our tone involved a soft, classical, English garden theme. The floral arrangements were leaded by blush peonies. The arrangements at the alter were a mix of live foxgloves, delphinium,  hostas, and hydrangeas. The style was not quite rustic or vintage, but a relaxed and whimsical traditional approach. The colors were hues of blush, tan, champagne, brown, and olive.

What is the one thing you had to have at your wedding?
Fantastic music! We had an amazing piano and violin duet for the ceremony, a 20’s style jazz jam band for the cocktail hour, and a fantastic DJ for the reception.

BlackmanBlog009What was the best decision you made in regards to your wedding?
Trying to do as much as possible by myself. It was exhausting, but so rewarding. I learned so much and have new skills I can use forever!

BlackmanBlog012Do you have any advice to a new bride?
Make sure you do at least some part of your dress routine (consultation, fittings, alterations) by yourself. The input of friends and family is invaluable, but you will really need to make some decisions alone and completely for you! For me I did the fitting process alone. I had some custom alternations done that were my secret project and a surprise to everyone.

BlackmanBlog042Was there anything you wished you had done at your wedding that you didn’t do?
I wish I could have added an extra hour, or organized some sort of after party a bit better!


What was your big splurge?
Invitations. I was just about to order a gorgeous pre-designed ensemble, but at the last minute decided to work a ton of overtime for custom letterpress calligraphy! It was completely worth it to me, the invitations were gorgeous and I treasure the extras I have!

Is there anything you would have done differently?
I honestly cannot think of anything, the wedding was amazing and we both wish we could do it again exactly the same!

What was the most memorable moment?
Having my grandfather be amazing on the dance floor. He has had some medical issues in recent years, but the last year has been wonderful for him. The wedding brought together our family from multiple states and he danced for probably 4 hours solid with my grandma, me, my mom, and anyone who he could sling around the dance floor! It was such a happy moment for all of us.

How was your experience working with Michele Butler Events?
It was fantastic. I was in another state and incredibly busy with my job, but the day of the wedding was a breeze! I felt like I had been home in Orlando the entire time. I felt so taken care of and so guided. MBE took the time to make the event special and helped me so much when times were busy or I couldn’t devote myself 100% to the wedding. It was fantastic and I would recommend MBE to anyone.


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