posted on Jan 06, 2018

Can you believe it?! 2017 is almost done and we are about to welcome in a new year!

So for an event planner, what does that mean?

Planning a romantic and memorable evening, of course!

Whether you are dating, newly engaged, or have been married for years, New Year’s Eve can be a special way to slow down, be in the moment with each other, and spend some romantic time together. And…it doesn’t have to cost a fortune!

Need some easy yet fun ideas? We’re here to help!

Here are some of our favorite ideas for a romantic New Year’s Eve…

1. Get Cozy Over Fondue

You can always go out for fondue, but we love firing up our own Sterno and enjoying it in our own home. It’s a crazy romantic way to linger over dinner, savoring the experience.

Start out with a festive cocktail and end with a decadent chocolate dessert to finish off the night.

Need a fondue pot? One’s like this can be easy and fun (not to mention save you money on going out!): Fondue Pot 

2. Enjoy Bubbles With a Tasting

Looking for a creative drink that’s simple to make? Expand outside of just one option and have a champagne tasting!

For an interactive way to start off the night, try small pours from bottles such as:

– French Champagne
– Sparkling Wine from California
– Proseco from Italy
– Cava from Spain

Take notes on which ones you prefer most. And if you want to make it more holiday, add fruit or herb infusions such as rosemary, basil, frozen cranberries, or raspberries. Not only does it look beautiful, but it’s so much fun to try!

3. Plan an Adventure

Sure, you can get all dressed up and make a reservation at a fancy restaurant (which is always fun), but if you’re looking for something new, try a little adventure for the night.

Some of our favorites are:

– driving to the beach to watch sunset with a basket filled with a holiday blanket, homemade cookies, and cute holiday mugs with a canteen of hot chocolate to toast with.

– renting kayaks or canoes on a river or ocean to bring peacefulness and calm to ourselves and our relationship. A great way to regroup for the upcoming new year.

– a kitschy tourist activity. You know the ones! Each of you write down a few ideas of things you’ve never done and thought you never would. Mini-golf with the big pirate ship? Helicopter ride over town? Maybe even a slingshot ride? Get your fun on by doing something silly and care-free! Afterwards, shop for something funny at a local tourist store to remember the night.

4. Help Others

A feeling like no other, volunteering to help others can ground you and give new perspective to your relationship.

Ask around for organizations you may be interested in helping or go online to find places that need help or donations. Over a nice meal at home, discussion on which organization to pick can be special and memorable.
We hope these ideas spark inspiration for you to be creative and excited for your New Year’s Eve plans! We love thinking of ideas and are here to help you with any you may need to make sure life is filled with unique celebrations!

If you’re planning an event or wedding in Central Florida and are interested in receiving ideas, please contact me at! I have plenty more where these came from!

Wishing you and yours the most wonderful of holiday seasons!