posted on Sep 09, 2012

Now that all of the Gold Medals of the Olympic Games have been distributed, it’s time add some stylish accents to your attire with this precious metal. Gold accessories and accents are a hot trend for the fall, gold is the perfect accent with its natural richness and beautiful ability to coordinate with other natural hues of fall like burgundy and terracotta and other warm natural tones that signify harvest time. Here are a few of the best ways to add some luxurious gold to your look.

Broaches for your Bouffant – Vintage broaches can be the perfect accessory, but not in the traditional sense, try using a beautiful broach as an accessory for your hair. It can be pinned on as a base for an up-do, or as a side accent to any hairstyle. Putting a touch of gold in your hair will add glamour to any hairstyle.

Gold Dust for your Decadent Desserts – Bring your gold accents into your event’s sweetest elements by adding gold dust. This shimmery powder can be applied to any food and is completely edible. By adding gold accents to your treats your dessert table will glow with elegance.

Chandeliers for your Ears – You can keep your accessories simple and add glamour at the same time by keeping your neck bare but adding some sparkling gold chandelier earrings. Golden chandelier earrings are perfect if your hair is swept off of your neck and even more stunning if you are planning to wear a strapless gown or dress.

Golden Touches for your Table – Gold accents in your centerpieces can be elegantly done by having golden branches within your centerpiece arrangements. Branches add an element of garden whimsy and when painted gold, this whimsy can be transformed into radiance and luxury.  Another idea would be to add a golden shimmer overlay to any table linen.