posted on Jul 23, 2011

During the spring and summer months a vast array of color choices is available when it comes to the floral décor of a special event. With all of the different hues readily available, it is easy to get lost in the color wheel. A beautiful way to embrace the colors of the seasons is to choose one focus color and showcase all of the different shades of that color. A perfect color to us is purple, with the many shades ranging from violet to magenta to deep royal purple; you can’t go wrong with this elegant color. Recently, Michele Butler Events had the pleasure of working with Dana and David on their beautiful purple toned wedding. Everything from the flowers to the cake to the lighting in the room had a purple influence and the result was absolutely stunning.

Dana & David’s Wedding Highlights – Lake Mary Events Center from Jeffrey Stoner Video on Vimeo.

Looking back I really loved the whole planning process as much as the actual wedding, as well. It brought David and I closer to a lot of family and friends. We also met so many amazing people along the way that were all able to come together and make the day more amazing then anything I could have imagined on my own.

From the bride:

Like most brides, my favorite moment would definitely be seeing David standing at the end of the aisle. It was an amazing feeling knowing that after all of the planning and decision making that the one moment we had been waiting for had finally arrived. The day couldn’t have fallen into place more perfectly.

I also made sure I took the time to follow a piece of advice that one of my cousins gave me while I was getting ready for wedding. She said at the reception when everyone is settled down and enjoying their dinner to take a second to look around the room and take in everything. It was a really special moment for me to see all of the happy faces of our close friends and family, as well as see how all of the flowers and décor had come together. You could genuinely feel the love in the room.

We also had the most amazing time dancing with our family and friends. Everyone was really able to just let lose and have a good time. It made our wedding so much fun.


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