posted on May 31, 2012

We were very honored to be a part of this fantastic industry event along with some of the best vendors in the biz. The Michele Butler Events team contributed to the creative feel of the event, coordination between vendors, and support staff during the evening.

Hollywood Glam – Central Florida Bride Vendor Appreciation Party from Key Moment Films on Vimeo.

Each meeting with her staff made for a clear focus on the theme and flow of the evening.

From Central Florida Bride Magazine:

You have planned many events in the past without an event planner, how did it change your planning process? What we wanted when we asked for help from a planner was to have someone who can be in constant contact with participating vendors, come up with ideas and leave us to enjoy the event the day of.

Did it allow you to put your focus on other aspects of the event? Yes, it allowed us to focus on attends as they were arriving at the party as well as a smooth transition into each of the evenings events.

Were you happy with the ideas that Michele Butler Events brought to the table? We were very happy with the ideas from Michele Butler Events. Each meeting with her staff made for a clear focus on the theme and flow of the evening.


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