posted on Aug 02, 2017

Over the past few months, we’ve had some great questions in regards to weddings and events. Today, we answer a few of them!

Question from a recent bride: Michele, we’d like your advice. My fiancé and I love a certain outdoor ceremony location but we really dislike the indoor back up space. Do we book it anyways and hope it doesn’t rain or look for a different location altogether?

Michele: Oh, the joys of getting married in Florida! It’s a spectacular part of the world with some of the most scenic backdrops, but one never knows what the weather will really be on your wedding day. You pose a good question and one that MANY of our couples have agonized over.

When choosing an outdoor location for any part of your wedding or event, it’s important that:

1) you have back-up space 
2) and that it’s workable

Most indoor back-up spaces are less than ideal, so the chances of finding one that you fall in love with may be more on the slim side. That being said, an indoor ceremony or cocktail reception can still be stunning! Just make sure:

1) your back-up space provides adequate space for your layout. Does everyone have a chair to sit? Can everyone see the altar area? Think outside the box if necessary! One of our favorite layouts is a ceremony in the round (guests sit in a circle gathering around the couple who stand in the middle of the circle)- perfect for many spaces and unique for indoor vows!

2) your back-up space is available early enough for decor to be set up in case of a weather call. Make sure you won’t have to wait for another event to wrap up before getting in to decorate as there may be extra time that is needed for an indoor space.

3) you, your wedding/event planner, and your floral designer have a solid plan in place in case of bad weather. What may have been a sunset ceremony under the gazebo may have to be turned into candlelight vows in a ballroom. Having a plan will ease your stress and make sure that everything you need is there just in case.

We understand back-up spaces can sometimes be challenging and probably not as picturesque as your outdoor vision. However, with good space and a solid plan, you can still have an event that is memorable and beautiful.

Question 2 (from a daughter throwing her parents a surprise anniversary party): Hi Michele, I am planning my parents’ 50th anniversary party and it’s a surprise for them! I’m anticipating inviting about 50 people. Would you recommend hosting this at my home or at a restaurant/venue? I’m torn and just want it to be easy, but not break the bank.

Michele: Wow, congratulations to your parents! And how sweet of you to plan a surprise party for them!

You pose an excellent question.

Here are some tips to consider that may help you decide:

what is your budget for the party? Cooking for everyone at your home may help keep costs low, just keep in mind that this can be a lot of work.

what type of party are you going for? An afternoon BBQ at your home can be an easy and relaxed way to celebrate. If dressing up and toasting over champagne and hors d’oeuvres is more your vision, a restaurant or private venue could fit the style perfectly.

how much are you wanting to do and who can help? If you have a gaggle of friends and family that want to help, a home hosted party can be fun and enjoyable. However, if it’s just you, you may want to consider how much easier planning at a venue or restaurant could be. Just think – leave the worrying to someone else along with the cooking and cleaning!

The most important thing to keep in mind is what you can realistically do – from a financial, emotional, and physical perspective. Don’t overdo it by pushing yourself to plan the perfect party – whether at your home or at a venue. No matter what you choose it will be special – especially if you can enjoy it yourself.

Question 3 (from a groom): Hey Michele, my future wife is planning most of our wedding and I’m taking care of the finances for it. That’s fine, except that I’m seeing our budget slowly grow larger than we anticipated. Do you have any advice for how I can keep our budget in check without upsetting her?

Michele: Wedding and event budgeting can certainly be one of the tougher parts of planning your special day. I understand how challenging it can be to keep finances in line and keep the peace between you two as well.

Here’s a few suggestions that may help:

schedule a date (brunch at a favorite restaurant, wine over a nice dinner at home, etc.) to talk about your wedding budget. Make it important, but not terrifying!

listen, ask, and share your voice. It’s important to listen to each other, ask questions, and share your thoughts openly and authentically. Acknowledge that the conversation can be hard and uncomfortable, but that anything this special is worth it.

bring options to the table. Planning a wedding or event is hard! Being bombarded with beautiful pictures paired with feeling the pressure to make your wedding the most special one of them all can be overwhelming. Rather than relying solely on her to come up with new ways to cut the budget, research a few things and provide some thoughts and ideas. Don’t know where to start? Call a wedding planner! We can probably help save you money in many areas and have oodles of ideas to share!

Planning and budgeting a wedding or event is not easy. There are dreams, expectations, and visions all intertwined with reality of budgets. Remember to stay on track by being positive and mindful of what’s really most important.

Are you getting married or planning an event in Orlando, Kissimmee, Winter Park, or anywhere else in Central Florida and have a question? Or, are you planning a destination wedding in Orlando or Central Florida or out of state and need advice?

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