posted on Jun 02, 2017

Having a fall wedding this year? We have insight on the latest trend for your special day and…we love it!

Thanks to our dear friend and powerhouse wedding designer Ian Prosser of Ian Prosser Productions in Tampa, we have the inside scoop on what’s in style. Ian, who has designed events for the likes of Queen Elizabeth to presidential inaugurations, told us it’s all about nature and organics.

Expect to see “VERY heavy foliage, and very natural and organic design”, Ian shared.

Our thoughts? Gorgeous!

Why do we love this trend? Well…

1. Nature will never go out of style.

After being in the wedding industry for over 15 years, we’ve seen plenty of fashions and forms come and go and many of them…well, let’s just say we’re glad some ideas are only trends!

When utilizing nature (picture lush foliage) and organic items (think wood, stone, and water), rather than manufactured beauty, inspiration and ideas stem from the world around us. This artistry of the natural world instead of a factory will always be revered and looked at as beautiful!

For example, this altar area, made from branches, foliage, and floral, brings the beauty of nature to the indoors (perfect for those warm, humid Orlando days). The rustic, yet innate, feel of this ceremony design sets the tone of elegance paired with uncultivated style.

Photography by Kristen Weaver Photography/Décor by Greenery Productions

So…we encourage you to take a walk in the woods, have a sunset picnic on the beach, or visit your local botanical garden for ideas. See an element that catches your eye? Take a picture and ask your designer how it can be incorporated for your special day.

2. It can be used as your color scheme or it will complement the one you pick.

If you’re having a difficult time deciding on a specific color scheme, consider utilizing nature’s beauty to inspire your hues. Using a variety of natural tones (think whites, creams, greens, beiges, and browns) can give your wedding an organic and refined feel. Some of our most stunning weddings have featured this color scheme and to this day, they still look like they could have been designed yesterday.

But what if you already have the perfect colors selected? If so, then nature can complement it! Adding lush foliage to your bouquets or centerpieces can be an inexpensive way to make something extra luxurious and opulent. Greenery adds fullness and depth which can give a rich look and feel to an otherwise typical design element.

3. You’re wedding is guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind.

The reason we love this trend the most is that, taking its cue from nature, every wedding is sure to be unique.

Take for instance bridesmaid bouquets. In the past, many bridesmaid bouquets were exactly alike. The same type of flower(s), the same amount of flowers, the same color of flower, and the same design.

With the latest trend, you may now want to think about a slight modification utilizing more natural elements. When using a variety of lush foliage and natural elements such as twigs, ferns, and leaves (possibly intertwined with additional floral), bouquets can each have their unique look while complementing the others. We love the look of a slightly more lush maid of honor bouquet (which could include a few additional stems of floral), and wispy smaller bouquets for additional bridesmaids. Because the natural elements are individually different, so is each arrangement. This gives depth to the wedding and to your pictures!

Looking for ideas for your fall wedding? Let’s schedule a time to get together and talk! Email me at and let’s get designing!