posted on Jun 14, 2017

Picture it.

The ceremony is done, dinner was divine, and now it’s time to celebrate. Can you envision everyone on the dance floor? Do you see their faces? They’re smiling, laughing, and simply having the time of their lives. And you? Well, this is a night you will never forget.

As much as I’d like to think the wedding or event planner is all to thank (wink! wink!), I have to pass on the dance party success to your hired DJ. He or she holds the key to your end of the evening celebration and I’m here to help you find just the right one.

Before signing on the dotted line, consider these 3 things when selecting your Orlando DJ:

1. Can you let the DJ be…well, the DJ?!

Believe me, we know that there are songs that you absolutely do not want played. Many of them may be on our same “do not play” list, too! However, this is one area where it’s crucial to let go of some control and let the DJ to his or her job. So, you must TRUST him or her!

There is a reason why many same songs are played at wedding or event after wedding or event…because they get people dancing! We’ve seen many a wedding or event where a DJ was hired, but no one dances. A good DJ knows how to get people on the dance floor and keep them there. But, you have to let them do it! Find someone you feel comfortable with to do that.

We definitely suggest letting your DJ know if there are any songs that make you cringe, but we also encourage you to give your DJ a little freedom. Yes, your favorite Adele song may be a must play, but don’t be surprised if your DJ cuts it a little short because no one’s on the dance floor.

2. What does the DJ need to be successful at your Orlando wedding or event?

Central Florida has a plethora of wedding and event venues and each one is different and some don’t have a necessarily “DJ friendly” set up. It’s easy to picture an outdoor reception under the stars or a beautiful ceremony in stunning gardens, but consider what is needed for your DJ to make your vision happen.

For example, know what equipment the DJ will be bringing and what he or she needs to make it all work. Is there a certain amount of amps needed? Do you need to purchase those from the venue? Where are the plug ins? What does the extension cord look like?

Most reputable DJs can answer this question in their sleep, so if he or she is unable to provide this information, be prepared you could end up with a blown fuse or a bright orange extension cord in your pictures.

3. Are you okay with the back-up plan?

DJs are people, just like you and me.  That means sometimes things happen.  They get sick, they are rear-ended in a traffic accident, they have to take their injured loved one to the ER, etc.  It’s life and these things can happen.

In the event that anything happens, are you okay with the DJ’s back-up plan?  Do you know who would probably take over your event?  Are you comfortable with the DJ preparing a plan B without your knowledge if it comes down to it?  Make sure to have an open conversation about what happens if something happens so you feel confident.  


There are many more questions to ask your DJ, but we find that these are 3 important points to consider before making your decision. If you are looking for suggestions for your Orlando wedding or event, contact me at and let’s see how I can help!

Because even though I’ll give the credit to the DJ for the dancing :), I always know the impact of a wedding or event planner!