posted on Nov 14, 2017

Thanksgiving is typically thought of as turkey dinner with all of the fixings, but what if the day was more than just the food? Little touches that are simple to do can make a big difference. They can even be the highlight of the day!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner – so now’s the perfect time to add those extra special details for your dinner. And…we’ve got a few that are sure to be a hit!

Here are 3 ideas we love for adding an extra touch of love and thanks to your Thanksgiving:

Place cards are a beautiful addition to any Thanksgiving table, so this year make them from the heart.

Under each place card name, write a sentence or two of what you love most about that person and why you are thankful for them. At dinner, start your toast by having each person read their place card aloud.

We promise there won’t be any left on the table this year!

After dinner can be a real snooze-fest. Literally! So we love to liven it up and encourage the celebration to continue.

One of our favorite ideas? A “Roast” of your guests for the “Top Turkey Awards!”

Find a cute “award” such as turkey socks, a turkey stuffed animal, or if you can find it, a turkey trophy! Next, type out a kind, but funny little “roast” of why that person is a “top turkey”.

Need inspiration? Write down funny stories that have happened to them or quirky things they love. Make sure they are nice and not too embarrassing, but infuse humor into each.

We did this last year after Thanksgiving dinner and it was a hit! Just make sure your crowd will find the lightheartedness in it!

If you have guests coming to your home for Thanksgiving, you probably have pictures of them and hopefully of you and them. However, they may not be hanging on your walls!

For a beautiful entryway, fireplace, or centerpiece display, print out pictures of you and your guests and place them in frames. We love printing them all out in black and white for a cohesive and elegant look.

In front of the picture display, print out a sign that says, “Thankful for You…”.

For a sweet parting gift, allow your guests to take the picture and frame home if you choose!
We love little details like these that can take a get together from mundane to memorable with quick, easy, and inexpensive aspects.

Are you planning an event or celebration in Orlando or Central Florida and are looking for some ideas of your own? We’ve got a variety of them and are always interested in coming up with more!

Contact me at for more ideas and customization for your own event! Just be warned…you may win a top turkey award!