posted on Nov 06, 2017

Do you have an addiction to Pinterest?

Can you not get enough of the beautiful pictures, the gorgeous colors, the creative ideas?

Don’t worry – we can’t either!

What an incredible tool this website is in discovering your loves, developing your vision, and designing your day. You are so fortunate to have such a unique resource that can take your wedding to the next level.

However, being planners for as long as we have, we understand what many of our brides have in mind when pinning and how their expectations can get in the way of the true beauty that plays out on their special day.
Why do we say that?

Here are 3 reasons why you’re wedding may not look exactly like your boards:

1. Some pictures may be from photo shoots.

Pictures can capture so many things. Beautiful physical surroundings, emotion of the day, and absolute perfection of a moment in life.

But many of the pictures that you may be drawn to that show these things could be produced by specifically designed photo shoots. Many photo shoots are shot very differently than an actual wedding and therefore, produce photos that look like complete bliss out of a magazine.

Photographers on photo shoots can have the ability to manipulate lighting, work with bridal models, and can pick the exact location of where the pictures are taken and how long he or she needs to take the right picture. That means that a wedding cake sitting in the middle of a field of wildflowers may pop to your eye and communicate the romance you’d like to have on your wedding day, but realistically, replicating that picture exactly may be impossible.

2. Your vendors aren’t the same ones as the photo (more than likely!).

If you see a bouquet that is exactly what you want and take it to your selected florist, be mindful that it may not look exact as the one in the picture. Or, the cake that is delivered on your wedding day may look slightly different than the pictures you took your florist.

Don’t panic! They are just different!

Keep in mind your vendors:

– have their own individual skills and design aesthetics
– work in their unique environment with the products and tools they source and have
– many times aren’t using their exceptional talents to their best of their ability by just copying

And that you:

– may have a very different budget than what is shown in the picture
– may have selected different colors
– may be getting married in a different part of the world and in a different type of venue than where the picture was taken

Let your vendors be themselves and work from the inspirations you provide them – you never know, it could just turn out even better!

3. Your wedding is reality!

As much as you may dream about your wedding and can envision down to the last detail what it will look like, those are just dreams. Your wedding day is actual real life! And sometimes, real life is perfect being, well…imperfect.

The exit sign that is glowing green in your white candlelit room can’t be shut off, the flowers not blooming in the garden can’t all of a sudden grow, and your flower girl’s cold needs to just run its course.

It’s all okay – because it’s real.

So why is it okay if my wedding doesn’t look exactly like my Pinterest board?

Simply…because it’s YOUR OWN!

Even though it’s fun to think we have control over what our wedding day will be, we don’t know exactly because it’s never happened before.

Your wedding is yours. It’s not someone else’s being recreated from a picture. Pictures are great inspirations, but allow yourself and your vendors to create a vision uniquely yours.

So let life play out on your wedding day. Let it be. Be mindful of your expectations of what it should look like versus what it should feel like.

And…enjoy your OWN special day.

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