posted on Mar 21, 2017

I get asked quite often, “Why should I hire a wedding planner?” or “Do I really need a wedding planner?” I understand why brides ask. Planning a wedding – especially in Orlando, is fun, exciting, and seems pretty straight forward. But here are 3 reasons you may want to consider hiring a wedding planner for your Orlando wedding:


Jessica Perez Photography

3. There’s too much to pick from.

The good news? You have your pick of virtually anything you want for your wedding in Orlando. The bad news? You have your pick of virtually anything you want for your wedding in Orlando.

Want a Florida feel? Paradise Cove may be just the place. Looking for a posh city feel? The Grand Bohemian Hotel may have the perfect setting. Or, love the theme parks but want a refined environment? Universal’s Loews Portofino Bay Hotel could be exactly what you’ve been dreaming about.

Not only does Orlando have a wide range of venues, but vendors as well. The talent and creativity Orlando holds is unlike anywhere else in the world.  Simply put – it can be overwhelming and frustrating when you have too much to pick from.

A wedding planner can help you navigate to find the best of the best for YOU.  A planner knows  how to help you discover your distinct style and exactly who to call and where to go to find it.

Whatever you desire, wedding planners save you time and frustration in the land of plenty to find just the right fit for you.

2. You’re best friend should be a living Pinterest Board.

Can’t get enough ideas? Me neither.

Pinterest is beautiful, inspiring, and addictive. And Orlando has all of the resources to make things happen. It’s the perfect tool for designing your wedding. Well, until we meet, that is!

It’s great to use pictures as starting points and inspiration for creating your own dreams. But a good wedding planner will take those pictures and, with the help of your vendor team, mold them into something one-of-a-kind, customized to you and your fiancé. So, bring me your pictures! Give me the challenge to make your wedding the one other couples pin.

1. It’s easy to exceed your budget.

See numbers 2 and 3.

With all that there is to pick from (vendors, venues, rentals, details), it’s easy to exceed your budget before you know it.

As a wedding planner, I:

– respect your budget
– find creative ways to stay within it
– help you navigate what may be the best ways to allocate your budget for maximum impact

Yes, wedding planners cost money.  We also can save you money in many areas that sometimes pay for our entire services!  We can guide you on things that may not make a big impact on your wedding and know secrets to saving on things that do.  My advice?  It’s always worth a call to see if we’re a good fit for your special day.

Orlando is not lacking in options, vendors, and ideas. It’s why I still love planning weddings here.

Want to talk about all your ideas? Still looking for those perfect options? Send me an email and let’s get together to talk.

Just keep in mind…I may become your living Pinterest board.