posted on Jan 13, 2014

BridalCrawl02We had such a great time working with fantastic vendors and wonderful couples. We had all been working on this together for months to create this amazingly, color-infused statement. We wanted to work in jewel tones, but not the typical ruby red, sapphire blue, and emerald green. We wanted to use the gemstones that don’t get as much love: Peridot, Topaz, and Raspberry Red Rhodolite Garnet. We predict color is making a comeback in a big way this year. What do you think? Special thank you to Concept Photography for having this together for us so quickly!



BridalCrawl04 BridalCrawl06 BridalCrawl07 BridalCrawl08 BridalCrawl09 BridalCrawl10 BridalCrawl11 BridalCrawl12 BridalCrawl13 BridalCrawl14 BridalCrawl15 BridalCrawl16 BridalCrawl17 BridalCrawl18 BridalCrawl19 BridalCrawl20 BridalCrawl21 BridalCrawl22 BridalCrawl23 BridalCrawl24 BridalCrawl25 BridalCrawl26 BridalCrawl27 BridalCrawl28 BridalCrawl29 BridalCrawl30 BridalCrawl31 BridalCrawl32 BridalCrawl33 BridalCrawl34 BridalCrawl35 BridalCrawl36 BridalCrawl37 BridalCrawl38 BridalCrawl39 BridalCrawl40 BridalCrawl41 BridalCrawl42 BridalCrawl43 BridalCrawl44 BridalCrawl45 BridalCrawl46 BridalCrawl47 BridalCrawl48 BridalCrawl49 BridalCrawl50 BridalCrawl51 BridalCrawl52 BridalCrawl53 BridalCrawl54 BridalCrawl55 BridalCrawl56 BridalCrawl57 BridalCrawl58 BridalCrawl59 BridalCrawl60 BridalCrawl61 BridalCrawl62 BridalCrawl63